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Convenient Features
of Happy School

  • Care for Ages Six Weeks to Six Years
  • Before and After school care for Dutch Neck and Maurice Hawk children with transportation
  • Summer Camp Substitute
  • Special programs like Taekwondo, Amazing Athletes and Music
  • Full-and-Part-Time Care Available
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Toddler Care

imageThe toddler age of 13 months to 3 years is undeniably one the most challenging developmental stage for child caregivers. As amusing and as cuddly as they are, these little humans could magically drain all your energy away at the end of the day, with their demanding little “aaahhhs” and “tatas”. But to busy and worrisome moms out there, worry no more, for we’ve got your covered.

Windsor Happy School caters to the care of toddlers for part time of full time basis. Our toddler caregivers are adequately trained in safe child handling, providing basic necessities, and making each day as extraordinary as it could get. We have wonderful plans of learning to expose your child to, while in a social context of forming social relationships not only with their caregivers but also with the other toddlers.

Enfant Toddlers are expected to be actively potty training or already potty-trained. The activities in the center will involve both group and individual tasks to foster identity-building and social learning. The focus of this program includes:

  • Outdoor Play
  • Nature Exploration
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Language and Communication
  • Dancing and Movement
  • Singing
  • Play and Games

Got questions? Let us provide you with answers. Make a call at 609-799-3990 today.

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